Orthokeratology Auckland Services That Are Currently Available

For those that are looking for a way to improve their eyesight, they might want to consider a procedure that involves orthokeratology. This is a system by which gas permeable contact lenses are made which can actually reshape your cornea. Many of the problems that people have with their eyesight involve the cornea, and this can help you improve yours considerably. The company by the name of John O’Connor Optometrist is one that you should contact in order to get this and many other procedures done.

What Are The Most Common Eye Problems That People Have?

Most of the problems that people have will include having a stigmatism, or they will be nearsighted or farsighted. This simply means that your vision is going to be very blurry when you see things at a distance, or close-up, and all of this can be corrected by getting glasses. You can also opt for contact lenses, or you could try to find an optometrist that specializes in orthokeratology.

Overview Of Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology is a procedure that can make many positive changes. This can help with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and stigmatisms. This is an alternative that is becoming more popular in comparison to wearing eyeglasses or having refractive surgery. Optometrist discovered long ago that by simply reshaping the cornea, all of these problems could be resolved.

Why You Should Work With John O’Connor Optometrist

This is a business that has been operating in Auckland for many years. They offer one of the few orthokeratology Auckland services. The professionals at this facility will not only be courteous, but are very good at what they do. After having this done, you will see that your eyesight will be dramatically improved. They do offer other services as well such as providing you with regular eyeglasses. They can do eye exams in the span of just an hour. They will be able to determine exactly what is wrong with your eyesight, allowing you to use the orthokeratology Auckland services that they offer.

How Do You Set An Appointment With This Company?

You can set an appointment with this business by visiting their website. Simply go to the contact information section. This will give you the ability to call to set an appointment at one of their offices in Newmarket and Henderson. Once you have your appointment set, you can look forward to an appointment that will help determine what problems you are currently having with your eyesight. They will then make recommendations as to whether or not you should get glasses, or if you should take advantage of their orthokeratology Auckland services.

Contact John O’Connor Optometrist today to set your appointment. This will be your first step toward correcting your eyesight. Whether you have a stigmatism, or if you are nearsighted or farsighted, all of these problems can be resolved by this company. Always ask about the orthokeratology Auckland services that they have to see you if you would be a good candidate. This will probably be a very good option for many people allowing them to correct their vision problems in a very short period of time.